Privacy and Trust 

Arm believes that privacy is fundamental to fostering trust. Arm is committed to building trust with our partners and providing products and services that help ensure your data is protected.


Arm has invested heavily in adopting a culture of privacy based upon the privacy principles of GDPR.


Data Processing Agreement


Government Data Request Procedure


Data Access Requests:

Privacy Statement

The Arm Privacy Statement provides details on the data we collect and how we use it. Most in importantly, we take the time to document what we do with your data. Contact us with questions or concerns at any time.


Transparency is a key privacy principle and critical to fostering a relationship with our partners based on trust. This Trust Center is a collaboration between our security and privacy teams to provide more visibility into our approach to security and privacy.


The global privacy statement also has the customer data processing and DSAR information, CCPA as well as the transparency statement.