A Transformative Device-to-Data Platform for Connected IoT that Empowers an Intelligent Enterprise

The Pelion IoT Platform is a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation spanning connectivity, device, and data management. It accelerates the time to value of your IoT deployments by helping you easily connect trusted IoT devices on global networks, invisibly administer them, and extract real-time data from them to drive competitive advantage.

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The Pelion IoT Platform Overview

The Pelion IoT Platform is a secure and flexible foundation of IoT services for connectivity, device, and data management. It abstracts away IoT complexity so that you can leverage IoT data to drive competitive advantage.

Device Management

Device Management enables secure and reliable onboarding, connection, updates, and lifecycle management of different types of connected devices deployed on premises or over cloud.

  • Freedom to select deployment option, cloud vendor, device maker, and communication protocol
  • Security built in from chip to cloud to mitigate device vulnerabilities
  • Reduction in complexity of managing a diverse set of devices
Connectivity Management

Connectivity Management allows easy, secure, and cost-effective connection of IoT devices on multiple network standards with a single global mobility contract.

  • Flexibility of device types, network providers, and connectivity standards
  • Simplicity of device auto-deployment, unified operations, and billing
  • Cost-efficiency due to aggregated pricing, operational flexibility, and insights
Flexibility in Design, Deployment, Connectivity

Future-proof your IoT with the flexibility of any device, any data, any network, any cloud. Connect constrained to feature-rich devices on narrow band to high speed networks for deployments on premises or over public, private, or hybrid clouds; to deliver many types of insightful data.

Security for Devices and Connectivity

Build a safe IoT with endpoint security, resilient networking, secure device updates and communication, and secure ingestion and correlation of large volumes of real-time data.

Efficiency of IoT Adoption

Set up your IoT faster by procuring pre-tested devices carrying IoT-tailored OS, connecting the devices on global networks with one configurable SIM card, and remotely managing updates, administration and unified billing.

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