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For your IoT applications to deliver transformative business value, you need a scalable and dependable IoT device management solution that ensures devices are up to date, secure, and accessible at all times.

You may be building devices for the global market, streamlining internal processes or modernizing your supply chain. The IoT device management service you select will be instrumental in ensuring reliability, longevity, and interoperability of your IoT devices and the extraction of trusted data from them. Several features are vital: secure onboarding, remote management, over-the-air updates, patching, and two-way client-server communication—throughout the entire device life cycle.

Arm’s Pelion Device Management software as a service delivers secure, future-proof, and turnkey lifecycle management of any IoT device, Arm-based or third party, from anywhere - cloud, on-premises, through edge gateways; with quick-start and customizable options. Leverage Arm’s ecosystem and rich professional services to achieve reliable control and visibility of your devices and realize the promise of IoT.


Billion Arm-based chips shipped to-date


Share of rich embedded devices occupied by Arm-based SoCs


Partner ecosystem assembled to guide the evolution of IoT devices


Maintain Visibility and Control of IoT Devices
Support the Entire IoT Device Life Cycle

From facilitating the provisioning process to removing the complexities of firmware updates, Pelion simplifies and secures device management.   

Activate and Assign

Trusted device identification, service provisioning during manufacture, and secure device on-boarding for all device types at scale.

Monitor and Manage

Secure standard-based communications, and device management that optimizes reliability of data and energy-efficiency of IoT devices.

Update and Upgrade

Over-the-air (OTA) update campaigns; delivering bug fixes, security patches, revised ML models, and device capability upgrades.

Manage IoT from Anywhere

Designed to provide maximum flexibility, Pelion enables device management across every type of implementation: hosted in the cloud or on-premises, supporting IP or legacy devices. 

Device Management Cloud

Pelion Device Management Cloud is a SaaS that can be deployed on any public cloud platform such as AWS, Azure and Google. The benefits include zero hardware costs and easy scalability. 

Device Management On Premises

Pelion Device Management On-Premises is a dedicated implementation on the customer’s bare metal or datacenter infrastructure. The benefits include enhanced regulatory compliance, privacy and technical oversight.

Device Management Edge

Pelion Device Management Edge is a software service implemented on gateways. Benefits include the management of legacy and non-IP devices, and management of IoT applications at the edge. 

Deliver Value Across the Business Spectrum

Whether you’re an enterprise focused on an internal, IoT-driven digital transformation or an OEM tapping into new market opportunities, Pelion simplifies the device management process.  

Case Studies

Pelion Device Management delivers value across applications, industries, and geographies. Read about some of our customers' paths to secure, scalable, successful IoT deployments. 

AAEON Lays the Foundation for Taiwan's Smart City

To deliver a smart lighting solution for Taipei, AAEON uses Pelion Device Management to: 

  • Achieve city-wide remote control from a single dashboard 
  • Gain insights designed to reduce lifecycle cost and minimize disruption 
  • Streamline design, deployment and ongoing management

KEPCO Provisions Smart Meters to 30 Million Homes

Facing critical challenges during its digital IoT transformation, Korea Electric adopts Pelion Device Management to: 

  • Reduce development costs 
  • Improve time to market 
  • Gain total control of devices in the field 
  • Achieve Chip to cloud security 


"We chose Arm to lead our smart utilities efforts as they provide a comprehensive IoT solution for securely developing, managing, provisioning and connecting IoT devices from the chip to the cloud." 

Dong-Sub Kim, EVP & CTO of KEPCO

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