What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning (ML) is one of a range of techniques used to deliver artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a type of data analysis that allows systems to ‘learn’ from large quantities of data, identifying patterns and making decisions with a minimum of human intervention.


As a subset of AI, ML solutions are fragmented, change quickly, and can be hard to use. ML is a heterogenous compute problem that requires diverse ML-optimized hardware solutions and a common, open-source, software framework. Arm, enabled by its broad partner base, provides a unified solution to abstract technological complexity and simplify ML.


Today, Arm’s scalable, ML-optimized technology gives developers the comprehensive hardware IP, software frameworks and ecosystem that form the foundation of scalable, intelligent computing solutions. 

Machine Learning  Starts with Arm CPUs

As AI compute is increasingly moving out of the cloud and closer to where the data is being gathered, Arm CPU and MCU technology is already handling the majority of AI and ML workloads at the edge and endpoints. The CPU is central to all AI systems, whether it’s handling the AI entirely or partnering with a co-processor, such as a GPU or an NPU for certain tasks.

What’s Powering Artificial Intelligence

To scale artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), hardware and software developers must enable AI/ML performance across a vast array of devices. Get guidance on how to balance functionality alongside security, affordability and general compute needs.

Choosing the Right Processor IP for your Machine Learning Application

This must-read guide explores key considerations when choosing the right processor IP mix for machine learning, ensuring an optimal balance of ML system performance, cost, and product design.

Arm’s AI Platform

Arm’s AI Platform (formerly Project Trillium) is helping to accelerate advances in artificial intelligence. Together with a thriving design and development ecosystem, Arm has extended its reach from smartphone CPU design and application development to machine learning.


The AI platform provides a total machine learning solution that includes IP, software, tools, a vast ecosystem, and end-to-end security enablement.

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ML for Every Industry

Through its vast ecosystem, Arm is already powering a wide range of devices and applications that rely on ML at the network edge and endpoints. By adding ML capabilities to processor technology, Arm is helping devices and applications become even smarter, more energy efficient, and more affordable. The result is transforming business models in an ever-increasing range of markets, from the edge to the enterprise.

ElliQ is an engaging robotic companion that learns it owner’s behavior patterns to proactively suggest activities and supports family connections.

Embedded Machine Learning Design for Dummies

Looking to add ML to your device?

Explore platform configuration, hardware, software, and ecosystem significance. Grasp the basics of ML, explore opportunities and challenges, and learn how to get started.

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An Ecosytem of Trust

Arm’s AI global ecosystem includes cutting-edge software companies that are enabling the next generation of intelligent edge devices.

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