Intelligence at the Edge


The IoT brings together all kinds of connected devices into a global network of distributed intelligence that opens up a new world of innovation and creativity. Many organizations are already reaping significant benefits by harnessing the data created by large-scale IoT deployments to pursue new opportunities and improve operations. To be successful in this rapidly changing landscape, IoT device designers, software developers and manufacturers need new levels of on-device processing, edge-intelligence, end-to-end security, scalability, and AI capabilities.

The amount of valuable data collected supports other new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual and mixed reality, but not all of this data needs to be processed and analyzed in the cloud. Many organizations are choosing Arm-based technology and the powerful Arm Pelion IoT platform to run machine learning, a subset of AI, on IoT devices at the edge. The result is improved data privacy, device security, real-time insights, and lower communications costs.

Unlock the Benefits of Endpoint AI for Small, Power-Constrained IoT Devices

Network bandwidth and consumer expectations around data privacy and user experience continue to demand more on-device processing, while the ability to deploy AI to the smallest devices opens up new use cases for innovative developers.

Arm offers new compute technologies coupled with software and tools to help companies realize the full potential of AI for IoT, and to help streamline the design, development, and support for AI-based IoT applications.

Project Cassini: Unlock Opportunities with a Cloud-Native Edge Ecosystem

As the nature of compute undergoes radical change from new technologies such as AI, 5G, and the IoT, the edge plays an increasingly crucial role in supporting diverse systems with a broad spectrum of power and performance requirements.

To help ensure edge deployments achieve material scale and can be managed securely, Arm has developed Project Cassini, an industry-wide initiative that creates a standards-based approach to platforms and security, validated with cloud-native edge software.

IoT Security is Essential

Securing the IoT is one of the big barriers to IoT reaching its full potential. To truly protect the billions of devices entering the field, security needs to be considered at the very beginning of device design—built in from the ground up and throughout the full lifecycle of the device. As the IoT starts to fix real-world problems, the value of assets inside IoT devices will only increase, making them prime targets for hackers.


Protecting our IoT devices and assets (for example the sensor data, or encryption keys), requires careful analysis of IoT assets. We also need to consider all security threats (communication, lifecycle, physical or software attacks), ensuring informed decisions are made about the necessary counter-measures to safeguard each IoT use case. If security is not considered upfront, enterprises and users of IoT may later find deployments compromised, risking revenue, brand credibility or in some cases, life-threatening situations.

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IoT Applications

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IoT Technologies

The technologies required to develop and secure the Internet of Things are even more complex, interdependent, and pervasive than those that gave rise to the internet itself. Getting them right is critical; but so is knowing how to bring them all together. Technology development and ecosystem orchestration goes hand-in-hand as industry participants turn working concepts into real solutions that advance markets and enrich lives.  

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Build a Solid IoT Foundation for the Enterprise

The world is on track to design, develop, and connect one trillion devices over the next two decades. Explore the principles of IoT excellence and what it takes to build a solid IoT foundation.

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