IoT Technology

To experience the groundbreaking benefits from the Internet of Things, IoT technologies need to keep pace with the rate of what is possible, including the latest security upgrades. Arm is rapidly advancing IoT technologies through the design and development of the integral platforms, sensors, and subsystems that drive IoT performance. 

IoT Sensors

The Internet of Things relies heavily on sensors to give everyday objects smart, connected functionality. Many IoT devices contain several sensors to gather different types of information. The average smartphone contains around 14 sensors that detect everything from the external temperature to the speed at which the device is moving. The data from these sensors are sometimes collected, analyzed and acted upon by a microcontroller, giving context and meaning to the data. This activity is called sensor fusion.

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IoT SoC Solutions

Just like sensors, the embedded SoCs controlling, computing and relaying IoT data are becoming smaller, more cost-effective, and more nuanced as the Internet of Things emerges. As the industry’s leading supplier of microprocessor designs, Arm is enabling developers every step of the way as they create the connected devices that will power the future. Arm’s range of IoT SoC Solutions align perfectly with developers’ needs and specifications. They are pre-verified by Arm experts and offer a unique, fast time-to-market, with both real time and rich operating systems, low-power devices, and security.

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IoT Platform

IoT relies on platforms that can orchestrate the software applications that keep smart devices performing at their best at scale. The Pelion IoT Platform equips developers with the tools and services they need to stay competitive with their Internet of Things offerings. Starting with Mbed OS as the most complete and secure operating system and development environment for production IoT devices. Combined with the device management capabilities of Pelion Device Management, offering true end-to-end security, multi-protocol connectivity support, and open collaboration across an ecosystem with over 300,000 developers.

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IoT Security

Security is a key concern in IoT development to keep hackers from accessing important resources. As the industry matures, IoT leaders are realizing and acting upon this need for stronger security and building it into the core operations of their products. Arm makes it easy for developers to design IoT devices thanks to the Arm Platform Security Architecture, which aims to demystify security, paired with our range of security IP and technology.

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