Accelerating Digital Immersion on Smartphones

Today’s modern smartphone acts as a hub for everything we do – from health and fitness to banking, and from shopping, diary scheduling, communicating to entertainment and much more. This smartphone “hub” continues to evolve with the arrival of 5G, new foldable form factors and compute-intensive digital immersion experiences – including XR, gaming, and AI. As it evolves, it also requires a leap in compute performance, efficiency and on-device intelligence.


Arm remains at the center of the smartphone evolution, with more than 95 percent of the world’s smartphones built on our IP. Arm is continually pushing the boundaries of performance and ensuring optimal power and energy efficiency so smartphone experiences and use cases can come to life through the diverse applications built by more than 24 million developers worldwide. Arm technologies support new form factors, use cases, and experiences while empowering the developer community to deliver exceptional smartphone experiences to billions of users everywhere based on the Arm architecture.

A Foundation for Mobile Innovation

Designs for Future Use Cases

Future smartphone use-cases continue to advance, with more XR, AI, gaming and 5G-based experiences on the horizon. Arm engineers IP that enable smartphones to manage the more complex compute workloads that these future experiences bring. This enables the end-user to benefit from higher quality and quicker digital immersion experiences on smartphones.


Balance performance and efficiency

Arm IP provides the high performance needed for more complex and compute-intensive workloads on smartphones. However, this is balanced against the need to deliver sustained and efficient performance. This paves the way for long battery life for all-day play on the go and new innovative form factors, such as foldable smartphone designs.


Advanced machine learning

Arm’s IP designs for smartphones enable the most popular ML-based real-world applications and use-cases on smartphone, such as social media filters, dictation, translation and face unlock. The performance benefits of Arm’s IP enable these ML use-cases at endpoint rather than sending workloads to the cloud. This provides additional privacy and security benefits to users.

New Arm IP Offers the Perfect Balance of Performance and Efficiency

Our latest mobile solution delivers performance and efficiency gains for new and improved digital immersion experiences in the 5G era.

Partner for Performance and Innovation

Arm works with a range of partners to optimize the benefits of our IP for smartphones and smartphone applications through tools, software and expert guidance. Our partners vary from leading silicon vendors and OEMs seeking to optimize smartphone performance to mobile developers keen to improve application performance and the overall user experience.  

“Arm’s new premium solution delivers a performant and power efficient platform that will seamlessly enable millions of Unity creators to deliver the next-generation of connected immersive experiences that will shape everyone’s daily lives.”

Ralph Hauwert, VP Research and Development, Unity

“Facebook and Arm are collaborating to expand one of the most widely-used machine learning framework capabilities beyond the CPU. The combination of the Arm compute platform and PyTorch Mobile enables exciting new ML applications in edge devices.”

Christian Keller, Product Manager, PyTorch Mobile

“MediaTek and Arm have had a close partnership for many years, with Arm's CPU and GPU IPs widely adopted by our diverse portfolio of industry-leading products. I look forward to continuing our partnership and working even more closely with Arm to provide the most competitive products to MediaTek's customers.”

Kevin Jou, Corporate Executive Vice President & CTO, MediaTek

“Through our shared vision, Arm and Crytek are partnering together to bring CRYENGINE to the Android ecosystem and enable desktop-class graphics on mobile.  Arm’s new powerful suite of premium mobile IP is at the center of ushering in a new level of visual fidelity previously thought impossible on edge devices.”

Theodor Mader, Technical Director CRYENGINE, Crytek

A New Strategy for SoC Design

Total Compute is Arm’s transformative strategy for designing computing solutions that will drive next-gen user devices.

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Cortex-A Processor

Cortex-A CPU

The Cortex-A processor series is designed for complex compute tasks, such as hosting a rich operating system platform and supporting multiple software applications.

Mali GPU


Provides the ultimate user experience for entertainment and visual applications across a wide range of smartphone devices. 

Ethos Processors


Enables new features, enhances user experiences, and delivers innovative ML-based applications on smartphones.

Arm AI Processors Making Smartphones Smarter

Your smartphone is more than a phone—it is a total AI system. AI takes your videos, audio, and other applications to the next level of digital experiences. Find out how Arm CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs fit into our vast ecosystem of mobile solutions to make your smartphone more intelligent.


Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Cortex-X Custom Program

The new Cortex-X Custom (CXC) program allows subscribed partners to work with Arm to shape a final CPU product to meet their specific market demands. This means program partners can define their own performance points outside of the usual Cortex-A design envelope of performance, power, and area (PPA).

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