Unifying Physical In-Store and Digital Data for Enhanced Customer Experiences 

The retail industry is experiencing a transformation driven by shopper expectations of convenience, responsiveness, and personalization across digital and physical properties. According to eMarketer Report 2018, despite the growth in online retail, in-store sales still account for 90 percent of the revenue.

Collecting, unifying, and managing customer data across all these touch points is complex. Omnichannel data is siloed across the enterprise in legacy systems and sources of data range from social and customer surveys to CRM, in-store POS, and more. 

Combining physical in-store data from IoT with digital customer data to build 360-degree customer profiles helps retailers create more personalized shopper experiences, engage their loyal shopper base and increase sales through timely and relevant promotions.

Capturing Data and Actioning Insights

Delivering unified omnichannel customer experiences requires deep insights into the shopper's in-store and online behavior. Data from a variety of in-store IoT devices, such as cameras, beacons, and sensors, can be interpreted and aggregated with the shopper’s online data, and retail enterprise data without disrupting the existing systems and workflows.

With those insights, marketers can provide tailored offers and use fresh, in-store path-to-purchase data to improve campaign ROI. Additionally, merchandisers can stock the shelves with the right goods, and store staff can provide the right service at the right time. Arm’s Retail Solution helps retailers gather insights on customer behavior in store and online; and act on those insights using existing systems and tools.

Online Shopper Journey

Digital and Social Media
The shopper's omnichannel retail journey may start online in the form of a web search on an item or a category, an inquiry with friends on social media, or a visit to a retailer's site. The journey leaves a data trail that provides insights on customer preferences.

Retailer App
Engaged and loyal shoppers who use the retailer app to get convenient access to product catalogs and customized recommendations share additional details on their shopping preferences.

The data connectors available in the Arm Retail Solution and integration with the retailer app allow easy ingestion and unification of all this online data.

In-Store Shopper Behavior 

Shelf Interaction
When the same shopper visits the store, he or she walks the aisles, interacts with items on the shelves. Cameras and sensors that are increasingly being installed in the stores capture this behavior. Intelligent processing of this data offers valuable insights on shopper's interest in certain items, abandonment of touched items, and so on.


Aisle Traffic Heatmap
Shoppers' dwell time in specific aisles indicates preference for the planogram locations and for the item categories in those aisle sections. 


In-Store Path to Purchase
The path traversed by the shopper in the store can be captured using digital maps and beacons.


Arm's Retail Solution leverages integrations with video and image analytics solutions to process fresh data from in-store devices to infer the shopper’s in-store shopping behavior—such as pick up and abandonment of items on the shelves, dwell time in the aisles—and depletion of items on the shelves. Marketers can use this data to deliver relevant promotions in-store or give shoppers a reason to come back to the store.

Insight-Driven Actions

When the data from the shopper's online and in-store behavior is brought together, retailers get a 360-degree picture to serve the shopper better via a variety of actions:

  • Targeted marketing campaigns that give shoppers a reason to visit stores, deliver in-the-moment promotions or cross-sell offers that motivate customers to purchase more in aisle. 
  • Merchandising decisions to orchestrate hyperlocalization of store merchandise and planograms. The path-to-purchase information helps merchandisers reorganize the placement, layout and store design.
  • Associate support and upsell to alert store associates with specific directions to help a customer find an item, offer alternatives or higher-value complements that may appeal to the shopper. Arm’s Retail Solution offers integrations with store workflow management solutions to improve responsiveness without any additional training of associates.

Marketers, merchandizers, and store operators to provide an engaging customer-centric omnichannel experience at every part of a customer journey; offering shoppers greater personalization – through tailored digital and in-store experiences, as well as relevant offers and recommendations. 

IoT Connectivity and Customer Experience

With many types of devices used in a variety of locations, retailers are already leveraging the flexibility and reliability of cellular technology to connect their point of sale, vending machines, and kiosks.  Learn how the use of a Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) is helping retails create better customer experiences and scaling their IoT deployments. 

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Use Cases
Personalized Offers

When a shopper browses in-store, but does not make a purchase, Arm's Retail Solution captures shopper dwell time and engagement at shelf. The data is enriched with customer's opted-in digital and social data, and can be used to deliver tailored offers to the shopper– either via the retailer app when in the store or later for use during the next store visit. Personalized offers may also be generated to encourage 'buy online, pick up in store' (BOPIS) or simply to trigger another store visit.


Using insights based on real-time data, planning and placement of assortment in a store can be tailored to the preferences of local community and engaged loyal shoppers. Real-time visibility into inventory can be provided to the shoppers via the retailer app to ensure fulfillment of orders in their local stores.

Personalized In-Store Service

Specific instructions based on the preferences, behaviors, and purchases of the shopper can be made available to store associates for effective Clienteling, a technique used to establish long-term relationships with key shoppers. Also, when a shopper looks for an item in the store, but cannot find the item, the engagement captured at the shelf can save the sale by triggering an out-of-stock alert that generates a task for a nearby store associate to replenish the shelf or an option for the shopper to have the item shipped to home.

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