Smart Homes and Buildings

A Secure, Connected Space

Always-on devices feature heavily in the modern IoT-enabled space. Technology- enhanced and connected everyday objects, such as smoke detectors, digital televisions (DTV), refrigerators, smart lighting, and heating systems, are now using both complex processor and multimedia IP with simple sensor technology to gather data constantly about the physical world around them.

This bridging of physical and digital worlds arguably is making our lives better, simpler, and easier. To facilitate this shift, Arm offers a family of scalable, compatible IP products and software development tools that give manufacturers the flexibility required to simplify the creation of smart home and smart building technology at a viable production cost.


Compute Flexibility

Every node or device that makes up the smart space experience requires a certain level of compute capability. Sensors for air-quality monitors might need only a small level of compute, while cameras for facial recognition require more powerful capabilities. Every Arm product family meets the needs of each level, from small to high-performance. With the flexibility to choose the right level of compute within a familiar environment, manufacturers have a cost-effective approach to get viable products to market faster.

Powerful Processing, Right in Front of You

One of the key areas of smart homes and buildings is the digital television (DTV) or digital screens. The high level of compute taking place inside a DTV might not be instantly recognizable from, but both the processing and multimedia technology provided by Arm run the entertainment that most of the world consumes today.


Cortex-A and Mali multimedia processors make up a sizable number of the DTV market. Over 95 percent of smart TVs are based on the Cortex family of processors, while 80 percent of smart TVs shipped today are based on Mali GPUs.

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Secure Behaviors

As devices become more intelligent and access increasing levels of personal data, the right security measures must be in place. This means ensuring that devices only carry out the tasks they are permitted to do and cannot be exploited to do more. For instance, a door lock should not accept commands from a light switch.


It’s also important to ensure that devices are protected from communication and impersonation attacks by using the right countermeasures, including enforcing password updates after devices are shipped.

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Enabling Transformational Interactions

One of the most disruptive trends in the home today is the way we interact with everyday devices. Voice commands, facial recognition, and gestures are replacing manual programming, and artificial intelligence is increasingly hiding complex and connected processes from users.


Hardware and software solutions from Arm provide the building blocks on which application and service developers can create the possibility for always-on devices to transform our everyday lives.

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Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Smarter Homes at the Push of a Button

Naran’s MicroBot Push is a simple way to turn standard home appliances into smart devices, enabling users to remotely control devices that don’t have their own connectivity. The Push is particularly beneficial for people with disabilities, providing home automation and notifying care givers if appliances have not been activated as normal.

Energy Saving Systems

Ecoisme combines a utility switch and energy monitoring to record consumption and potential costs to help consumers reduce energy use and save money. Powered by the Cortex-M4 processor, Ecoisme can also integrate with smart home devices and solar energy systems to advise consumers of the best time to use, store or sell their home-generated power.

Intelligent Wireless Charging

The PowerSpot wireless power transmitter from Powercast offers synchronized, long-range wireless charging for commercial and industrial electronic devices at distances of up to 80ft. Powercast use Arm Keil MDK to compile the high-performance firmware to facilitate the superior long-range wireless power transfer.

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Silicon IP: CPU

Arm CPU processors offer the widest range of processor cores to address the performance, power and cost requirements for almost all application markets. Including the industry leading Cortex-A series, the ultra-low power Cortex-M series.

Silicon IP Multimedia

Mali Graphics Processors

Provides the ultimate user experience for entertainment and visual applications across a wide range of high-performance smart TVs and other smart home devices.

Ethos Processors

Ethos Processors

The Arm Ethos processor series delivers the highest throughput and efficiency in the lowest area.

Security IP

Security IP

Arm provides a range of security subsystems for platform-level security, as well as acceleration and offloading.

Arm Software and Tools

Software and Tools

From SoC design to software application development, our development tools support multiple workloads, devices and experience levels, making it easier for businesses to innovate.


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Together with its global partner ecosystem, Arm is one of the largest, most prolific and creative communities of product innovators. We’re providing power-efficient intelligence as the foundation for transformative applications and business ideas. See how Arm makes smart possible.

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