Return to Business Safely and Confidently with Pelion Space Analytics

Preparing your business spaces for the imminent return of the workforce is a tremendous challenge, both in terms of employee well-being and regulatory compliance. While implementation of safety and sanitization measures can itself be daunting, measurement of their effectiveness poses its own problems. Here’s where IoT powered solutions can help provide the data and intelligence you need to meet these challenges head-on.

Arm’s Pelion Space Analytics solution offers key features to address physical distancing, building sanitization and contact tracing with security and GDPR-compliance. Whether it is helping HR managers define return-to-work policies or facility managers operationalize those policies, our turn-key IoT solution helps deliver value quickly, effectively and consistently over time.

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Maximize the Business Potential of any Commercial Facility

While return to work is the current business focus, boosting revenue from co-working spaces, anticipating operational costs, and ensuring customer satisfaction remain important for facility managers and retail operators.

The Pelion Space Analytics solution leverages the Arm Pelion IoT Platform to provide property and facility managers the ability to generate actionable insights on business spaces for data-driven decisions that can maximize office space occupancy, minimize hotel revenue leakage, or optimize the retail shopping experience.

Smart Offices

Optimize office space utilization with occupancy data

As a facilities manager for an office space, you face constant challenges in suiting your office to the needs of the workforce in a cost-effective manner. Making strategic decisions on capital projects or building enhancements is no easy task either.

To meet such challenges head-on, you need a solution that captures both trend and real-time data and transforms them into actionable intelligence that informs your business decisions.

Pelion Spaces Analytics solution helps commercial office building operators optimize space utilization to drive user engagement, enhance productivity, save space and energy costs to increase revenue.

Contact us to learn how Arm can empower you with focused, data-driven insights that have a direct impact to your top line.

Smart Hotels

Address revenue leakage through room occupancy insights

If you manage a hospitality site or a chain of hotels, you know how discrepancies between room booking and occupancy can impact your top line, and energy costs of unoccupied rooms can add up over time which impacts your bottom line.

Pelion Space Analytics solution equips hotel operators with reliable and discreet insights on revenue leakage across properties to conduct effective financial audits and enforcements.

Contact us to learn how Arm can provide such insights across different property sites and enable you to address revenue issues with hotel property owners.

Smart Retail

Drive retail conversion with visitor counts and POS data analytics

As a retail operations executive, you need to accurately detect real-time store traffic in order to determine overall conversions and better understand buyer behavior.

The Pelion Space Analytics Solution for retail businesses identifies unique visitors, accurately counts them in real-time, enabling deep analysis of retail conversions across all stores.

Contact us to learn how Arm can help improve retail conversions and boost in store revenue.

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