IoT Utilities Offer Opportunity

As utilities businesses experience digital transformation and become IoT utilities, they rely heavily on data for activities, including dynamic pricing, managing supply, and the analysis of future needs. The integrity and security of that data are paramount for organizations managing the spectrum of critical infrastructure, including electricity, solar, gas, heat, and water. 

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The Evolving Utilities Landscape

Energy utilities are evolving from centralized production and distribution control to more dispersed hybrid systems. The financial implications are dramatic and the opportunities to reduce costs and carbon footprints are tremendous. The energy utility systems of tomorrow will require more distributed computing, advanced platforms, and remote device management while retaining data integrity and security at the highest level.


With our deep understanding of device compute platforms, security, edge compute, and remote device management, Arm is helping utility companies meet these challenges. 

Learn how Internet of Things (IoT) can enable remote meter monitoring, real-time load control, and dynamic pricing and grid management to deliver reduced electricity theft, better voltage management, fast power restoration using secure data-centric technology.

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Maintaining a Stable Grid

Managing a modern power grid requires control of distributed power generation and high load devices. The advent of solar power and the growing use of electric vehicles for transportation have complicated the already complex task of balancing energy provisioning throughout the day. The solutions lie in moving away from a centralized command and control structure to a network of millions of intelligent power devices distributing algorithms and applications at the edge. 


Arm's Operating System for embedded IoT devices, Mbed OS, is currently utilized in monitoring electricity poles located throughout the north of Scotland in collaboration with Ekkosense and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN). It relays data gathered by a variety of motion sensors measuring details such as pole tilt and vibration in order to decrease circuit disruption.

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Securing the Infrastructure

With critical infrastructure supplied by utilities companies, security is top of mind. Individuals would hate to imagine a bad actor hacking the meter to connect or disconnect their home, but it’s far worse to face the possibility that it could be done millions of houses at a time. Arm is focused on providing utility companies with the ability to secure devices and data, and to update software allowing them to stay ahead of vulnerabilities.


Electric utilities are moving away from an analog world and becoming increasingly digitized. Data is the key to managing operations in a more disaggregated environment, and of course, maintaining data integrity is critical. Utilities use data for a variety of tasks, including enabling dynamic pricing, predicting future consumption needs, and managing the stability of the grid.  To ensure a stable connection, utilities are turning to cellular technology for their IoT deployments.  See how a connectivity management platform helps scale utility deployments and future proof for connectivity technology developments. 

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Forrester TEI Utilities Spotlight

Arm Pelion Connectivity Management and IoT Utilities Use Cases

While conducting the commissioned Total Economic Impact study on behalf of Arm at the end of 2019, Forrester Consulting discovered that utility companies which were deploying emerging technologies and focusing on digitally transforming their business were consistently outperforming more traditional organizations. This Forrester Spotlight report focuses on the benefits, costs, and risks associated with investment into IoT Connectivity.

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Use Cases
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The use of smart meter IoT replaces manual reading and estimated billing, provides timely data for energy purchases on the spot market, allows for rapid connection and disconnection of services, and can enable power-generation savings when used as a voltage sensor.

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The Cortex-M33 was developed to address all embedded and IoT markets—especially those that require efficient security or digital signal control, making it ideal for the utilities market.

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Mbed OS is an open-source, embedded operating system that includes all the necessary features for the development of IoT connected products, including standards-based security and connectivity stacks, an RTOS, and drivers for sensors and I/O devices. 

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