What Is Functional Safety?

Functional safety is a critical element for any system deployed within a vehicle, robot, factory, and beyond. It’s the system’s ability to detect, diagnose, and safely mitigate the occurrence of any fault, preventing harm to people and the environment. Arm’s Safety Ready Portfolio and functional safety partnerships offer customers the solutions they need for their functional safety-related applications.


Learn how functional safety is applied to automotive systems in this white paper.

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Arm Supports Functional Safety

To ensure the best outcomes for our technology and customers, Arm plays an active role in the development of international safety guidelines; for example, ISO 26262 and ISO/PAS 21448.

Arm products are designed “out of context” to satisfy the widest range of applications. We believe that everyone in the integrated circuit (IC) supply chain has an important role to play in safety certification, and applications must be certified in accordance with market-specific standards. Arm is capable of supporting customers and manufacturers in their certification processes of Arm-based devices.

Safety Ready

Arm’s Safety Ready Portfolio

Arm’s Safety Ready portfolio is a collection of Arm products that have been through various and rigorous levels of functional safety systematic flows and development. It combines IP, safety features, tools, and robust methodologies to help reduce risk while fast-tracking the certification phase of projects.

See the list of Arm Safety Ready products.

Use Cases
Building Assurance with Arm Partners

Developing applications that meet stringent safety certification standards needn’t mean a longer time to market. Find out how to accelerate SoC design whilst minimizing the risk of systematic faults and building robust processes.

Designing for Functional Safety with Arm

To help our partners enable functional safety, Arm offers a wide range of IP, tools, and support.

Information for Compliance

Includes evidence of external certification, allowing more time to focus on integrating Arm functional safety IP at a system level. 

Robust Functional Safety Process

Rigorous approach to safety-related product design and verification helps minimize the risk of systematic faults and saves time and effort. 

Supporting Functional Safety Documentation

Includes comprehensive details on specific product safety features, verification, Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), and more. 

Shortened Time to Market

Ongoing development of IP, tools, and test libraries that help reduce time to market and meet industry assessment standards. 

Arm's Functional Safety Partnership Program

Find the right partners specializing in  
software and tools, design services, and training for functional safety.

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Functional safety and safety certification are key concerns for everyone in the integrated circuit (IC) supply chain. If you have any questions about functional safety for Arm-based devices, talk to an Arm expert.

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